Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Prompt Questions

These are the Prompt Questions. You will notice that some of them are questions that go all of the way until September. Don't worry about them. They are posted here for my sake.

The date listed is that questions' due date.

9/8 – What is your favorite food and why? Does eating this meal remind you of a special time in your life? Is this food native to your country? How is it made?
9/15 – What is your favorite type of music? Why do you like it? Do you have a favorite artist and song? When you hear this music does it make you feel anything special? When and where did you first hear this music?
9/22 – In the United States movies are a very important piece of culture. In your country is there a huge movie industry? Do people in your country prefer to watch national films or foreign films? If they prefer foreign films what country do those films come from? Do you prefer your national movies or foreign films? What is your favorite movie?
9/29 – I (Anna) love coffee and tea. In your country is coffee and tea popular? Is there a traditional drink that people prefer, or that reminds you of coffee and tea? If you also love these drinks, tell me why. What is it about them that you like? If you do not like these drinks, I will cry for you, but after that tell me why. Please tell me how it is possible to not love them.
10/6 - How are school classes structured in your country? When does the school semester start? Do the students wear uniforms? Do you switch classrooms for each class or does the teacher come to you? Please compare your school experience in your country to your experiences here.
10/13 – This week I would like you to tell me about ‘past times.” What is your favorite pastime? Is this activity popular in your country? What sorts of pastimes are popular in your country?
10/20 – Courtship, dating, arranged marriages, online dating sites, random stranger; these are all possible options that one has in finding a husband or wife. Are you in a relationship? How did you meet that person? If you aren’t currently in a relationship were you before? If you don’t want to talk about your love life, then what can you tell me about common ways that people in your country meet the love of their life.
10/27 – You have been in the United States for a while now. What do you feel about this country? How do these feelings contrast or compare with the feelings that you had when you first came here? Do people in your country commonly view Americans in a certain way? Are these ways correct or not?
11/3 – This past week many Americans celebrated ‘Halloween,’ a day dealing with the dead. In your culture, do you have a holiday around this time of the year? Is this holiday similar to Halloween? If yes, how is it? If no, do you have a holiday that concerns the dead?
11/10 - When I (Anna) am stressed I like to read one of my ‘comfort books.’ My comfort books are stories that I have known and loved ever since I was a child; one such story is “The Westing Game’ or ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ Series. When I read these stories I feel at peace. Do you have a particular activity or ritual that you do whenever you get stressed? If you don’t brainstorm an activity that you enjoy doing that you think would be a good way to vent your stress.
11/17 – What is the weather like in your country? Is it similar to weather you have experienced here? Do you prefer the weather at home or here?
11/24 –(Thanksgiving) How was your Thanksgiving break? What did you do? Do you think that your week reflects the meanings of Thanksgiving?
11/1 – Reflections on the semester, how did you enjoy our writing class? What are your thoughts about CESL? What sorts of things would you tell your family, friends, or future students of CESL?


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