Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Post Here CESL 085 Writing Students!

If you post then I can link you to the blogs you need to be on. Not to mention I get to feel popular by having a million posts. This way it works out for both of us.
And because you made it here I will show you a picture of my puppy...just because I can.

Her name is Grace. I wish she hasn't grown up...


Ray said...

Hi,Ms Lightcap.
I'm Ray. EAP1 student.

CARSON said...

Hei~I'm gonna say that your blog is cool~~

Gretchen said...

Anna, It's Gretchen. I've been quietly sitting over here in the corner working on my blog in a stealthy manner. But here I am! Your dog is a cutie.


Vanessa said...

Hi Ana I'm happy because you are like my second teacher Thank for Help us

Vanessa Bereciartu

yoon said...


nicolas said...

I have the same tipe of dog in Costa Rica but diferrent color

caroline said...

hello anna nice to meet you.
your blogg is pretty cool!!!
i wanna makes good writing class with u^^
i love party and play everythings.
so u waana go to play and party
just call me
i always welcome^^

minji's cellphon 618-319-2911

krunalkumar said...

hi! my name is krunal. i like to study chemistry. i am happy with my life.

sally said...

how have you been?

Aimi said...

Hi!!Anna. I'm Aimi. I saw your blog. I was so nice!!! I'm happy to meet you so much.I appreciate your help. Thank you.

TechNu said...

Hay ! I am Khalid
I happy there is someone here to help us .. in what we need !!
thanx for that and I hope you a successful future ..

yui said...

My name is Yui.
I'm glad to meet you.
Your blog is so cute!
I wanna check it everyday.
Nice to meet you!

nicolas said...

I am soooooooooo tireddddddddddddddddddd

Super Faisal said...

Hi Anna It very nice to meet you..

I like your dog. ^~^

I am faisal in EAP2 class

delpiero1 said...

Hi Anna, Im Manuel i love your venezuelan driving it makes me feel home.


MaZeN said...

Hi Anna ...

I'm MAZEN, EAP2 student ..

Actually you have a nice weblog and cute dog PpP~~

cindy said...
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Chihiro said...

I'm CHIHIRO-!!! in EAP2!
our writing teacher is Elisa-!! ALOHA-----!!!!!

Malicka said...

hello Anna
I'm Malicka. EAP2 student.

cindy said...

Hello i'm cindy^^
i'm happy to meet you ~~
i'm EAP2 ~~

Malicka said...

Hello Anna
I'm Malicka, EAP2 student.
so happy to meet u.

khalid said...

hi, anna Im khalid u have nice blogger webpage

Cesar Perez said...


My name is Cesar, I am in the EAP2 class.

nice blog

see youuu

Steven Chang said...

I'm Steven!
Nice to see you on the internet!

Xiongjh said...

Hello, Anna:

I'm Jianhui at EAP2 85 term. Nice to learn to know a little about blog.

Xiongjh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maha said...

Hi ana. I'm so glad to meet you...

faloii said...

Hello Anna. My name is Minhyeon Son.

Just call me Kevin.

I'm in EAP1 B class, CESS 085 term.

Nice to meet you ^_^

chen said...

hi Anna
I'm Chen :'')
nice to meet u
i'm in EAP1b

David Edison said...

Hi , I am Edison. I am from EAP 1 B

KILE WORLD said...

Hi This is KyungIl(Kile) EAP1-B
Labor day is coming !!

Moon said...

Hello Anna:
I am Qian, I am in EAP 1 B.

bi yongwang said...

My name is Bi yongang
I am in EAP1 B

Carola said...

Hi, Anna! is Carola... nice to meet you, thanks for the ride the other day jejejeje.

You can call me whenever you want!

Carolina Borrero

Edison said...

I am Edison

Moon said...

Hi Anna, I saw your blog, it's very cute, the pic is so cool.
i remember the day i leave US last summer vocation, you are so nice. the morning was so early, Yiming and me had some baggies, you helped us. i do not forget that day. Thank you for your help.

Shukri said...

Nice to see you in our class
you have a good theam
I am Shukri EAP1

sultan maree said...


im sultan

our calss EAP1 ( writer's Workshop )

chris said...

Hey. Just making sure this works. Thanks.

BILLY said...

HI, Anna.
My name is Billy. Nice to meet you.
Thank you for helping to create blog.

Ally said...

Hi, I'm Ally.
I really sorry for late.
nice to see you and thanks for your help.

salam to all said...

Hi Anna ,I am very glad to be in your

Ally said...

hi, It's me ally.
please read my first response from last week.

khalid said...

Hi,Anna how are u today